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Our goal is to help keep your drinking water system clean, pure, and healthy to drink.

Backflow is the undesirable reversal flow of water in a pipeline that could draw contaminates and pollution into the drinking water system. When the drinking water system is connected to anything that could cause impurities to enter back into the drinking water, it's required to be protected by a Backflow Assembly.

Many people don't realize that plumbing codes and city ordinances require Backflow Assemblies to be installed where needed, and tested annually by a certified Backflow Technician to assure they are operating properly.

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A Cross Connection is when a drinking water system is connected to anything else. Cross Connections are prohibited by law under Section 608.6 of the plumbing code

Section 608 of the Plumbing Code states the requirements of protecting the drinking water systems with backflow assemblies.

The testing and inspection requirements of Backflow Assemblies are found in Section 312.8, 312.8.1, 312.8.2 of the plumbing code.

For more information The EPA, Division of Drinking Water Laws, and Rules can be found at: http://www.drinkingwater.utah.gov/rules.htm